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Published May 3, 2012 by fashionations

This month’s Fashionista of the is Lebogang Molope a Fashionable Social work student and a personal friend of mine.


ME:  Who is Lebogang Molope?

 LEBO: I am “a lover of things” ;), bubbly, fun to be around, ambitious and a little crazy at times.

 ME: You obviously love fashion. tell me, what is fashion to you?

LEBO: A way of expressing ur inner self. It is a lifestyle! (Colour, beauty, hair, accessories).

 ME: How would you describe your personal style?

 LEBO:I can go from rockstar to classy n sophisticated, to chic and sassy.

 ME:  Who inspires you fashion wise?

LEBO:  I walk around with my eyes wide open, there’s a lot in the streets hey :). Otherwise Jeannie Mai, Uyanda, Bonang, and Black Pearl


 LEBO: Uyanda M, Jeannie Mai, Bonang M and Solange.

 ME:  Favourite fashion designers (both Locally and internationally)

 LEBO: Gert Johan Coetzee, David Tlale and Victoria Beckham

ME: Faviourite stores?

LEBO: Mr price (its a given) lol, Jay Jays, Edgars, Rage, Hang ten n those tiny shops we always pass in tha city ;).

 ME: Essential items for any girl, in your opinion

 LEBO: I always say, an outfit can go from oh to WOW with accessories. I’m big on shoes and bags, so girls you can never say you have enough. -A simple smile and confidence rocks any outfit.

 ME:  What is your favourite fashion quote?

LEBO: “There’s a creativity in dressing up that must first and foremost satisfy the creator”

 ME: Thank you for your time, Any last words ?

LEBO: Thank you for choosing me as a fashionista of the month :)…remember when in doubt pout


Hope you enjoy it

For the love of fashion




Published March 22, 2012 by fashionations

This month’s fashionista of the month is the ever so Swagged up AMANDA TANYA SIMELANI. here is why she was chosen hope you enjoy the interview as well.




ME: Who is Amanda Tanya

AMANDA: Amanda is a Psychology student, very down to earth, go getter and crazy

ME: You obviously love. tell me, what is fashion to you?

AMANDA: Fashion is beauty and style- a way of utilising clothing, accessories and hair to express your self in public

She did say she is Chic. see for yourself


ME: How would you discribe your personal style?

AMANDA: Casual and chic 

ME: Who inspires you fashion wise?

AMANDA: Kimora Lee Simmons, Noni Gasa and Bonang Matheba

I die for this one hey oh and the hair #DEATH


AMANDA: Coco Channel

ME:Favourite fashion designers (both Locally and internationally) 

AMANDA: Kimora lee Simmons,Lauren Jones and Gert Johan  Coetzee 

Do you die? coz I just did

ME: Faviourite stores?  

AMANDA: Mr Price, Jay Jay’s, Meltz and Woolworths.

ME: Essential items for any girl, in your opinion 

AMANDA: A cute bag packed with goodies and of coz a girl must have loads of shoes lol

Rcking the baseball Jacket

ME: What is your favourite fashion quote? 

AMANDA:Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma .Fashion is something that comes after style

you can never go wrong with a blazer

ME: Thank you for your time, Any last words ?

AMANDA: I gained alot of weight but im still rocking it, ima keep looking fabulous … and thank you for choosing me to be fashionista of the month.

looking innocent in white and a dash of pink. so classy

 I had so much fun working on this. hope you really enjoy it 🙂

For the love of Fashion