Beauty comes in all sizes

Published November 13, 2011 by fashionations

A friend of mine put this picture as her BBM display picture last night and it got me thinking, does beauty really come in all sizes where fashion is concernd? Or those the fashion industry cater for skinny girls only? In my opinion the answer is yes beauty in fashion does come in all shapes. The runways might be filled with salad girls but on a daily basis I see very fashionable sisters. The secret in looking SDUHLAFABULOUS lies in being comfortable in ur curves, learn how to embrase them curves r Boss for heaven sake the world is shaped in a curve lol. The best fashion item 1 can ever wear is confidance if you feel good about your self you automatically feel good about what you wearing wether you are skinny or curvey it all starts with happiness. In the words of Audrey Hepburn: “Happy girls are the prettiest”


4 comments on “Beauty comes in all sizes

  • Well u hv done great for urself its nyc,I think u r talkin of me I’ve grown a bit lately not knowin what to wear so I’m gonna be sduhlafab frm now on thanx gal realy luv it

  • Yes this is true, problem wit women is dat wen they start gaining weight they loose their confidence nd dnt strive to look fab, bt once they embrace the body they in, they den look sduhlafab,

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